Akita Academy (秋田学院 Akita Gakuin) is an academy attented by the main characters of Eyes.


In Akita Academy female students wear a white short-sleeved sailor suit that has short blue cuffs with white streaks on them with a blue collar with a two-piece red tie, a blue skirt, black thigh-height socks and matching blue heeled pumps. There is also a PE kit that contains a rough blue short-sleeved T shirt with the Akita symbol (a heart that has it's left side coloured blue, the other - white) on, matching shorts with white streaks going down the sides, white below knee-height socks and blue trainers. 

Male students waer male attire of a black long-sleeved shirt, dark red tie is a two-piece set with the Akita Academy symbol / badge, matching black shoes and trousers.


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