"I was never real in the first place."

—Shinji Takahashi, Eyes: Bloodied Secrets

『Shinji Takahashi』
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Takahashi Shinji









『Birth Date』

7th June

『Blood Type』






『Voice Actor』


Shinji Takahashi is one of minor characters in Eyes: Bloodied Secrets.


Shinji is an adult with short, blonde hair that has a sideswept fringe. He also has blue eyes and wears glasses. He wears a black suit and a white shirt underneath, along with a black tie. He also wears black shoes and black socks.


Shinji first comes across as a respectful, intelligent man. He cares for his students very much at first glance, but he secretly has an insane side, which is what lead him to kill Kumi, Kira, Yumi and Ayako.


  • Shinji was at first a fragment of Hotaru's imagination, and Shinji's insane personality foreshadow's Hotaru's.

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